President Đukanović met with the Human Rights Council President Václav Bálek in Geneva

27/02/2023 18:00


President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović met with the President of the Human Rights Council Václav Bálek in Geneva.

President congratulated Ambassador Bálek on the prominent duty as President of the Human Rights Council, expressing pleasure that this position is assumed by the representative of the Czech Republic, both because of the friendship between our countries and because of its continuous commitment to the human rights protection and promotion. President pointed out that by participating in the Council, Montenegro shows commitment to human rights issues, respecting standards and finding solutions for addressing their violations, which are, unfortunately, frequent. In addition to its commitment to further strengthening the position of the Council, Montenegro also sees membership in that organization as an opportunity for a good presentation of the country at the international level and in the multilateral framework. He noted demanding role of Montenegro as a NATO member and a leader in the negotiations with the EU in the context of aggression against Ukraine and its consequences on the country and the region as a whole. President expressed belief that Montenegro will emerge from the crisis in a good way despite the challenges and that through democratic election procedures a stable and pro-European government will be formed, which will continue to lead society towards reaching European values.

President of the Human Rights Council thanked President Đukanović for the visit, noting that support of such prominent figures is very important for the Council, strengthening its position as well. He reminded that the Council is the best functioning mechanism, capable of yielding visible results, as in the case of a quick response to the aggression against Ukraine. In this context, he emphasized the importance of this body as an important mechanism for countries like Montenegro and the Czech Republic, being based on human rights and helping citizens. He particularly emphasized the importance of the Council's progress towards improving its efficiency in the year marking 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and 30th anniversary of the Vienna Declaration, noting that support of political leaders would be valuable to that end.

Appreciating largely shared views on global developments, the President said that Montenegro will gladly respond to the call to help all the initiatives of the Human Rights Council in the year marking significant anniversary for the UN.